Oracle has been dedicated to providing the highest quality in training and education to customers since 1998. We are the market leaders in Kuwait for IELTS training and specialized corporate workshops.

We are an entirely customer-centric organization committed to providing bespoke solutions that match your needs.  From our centrally located, premium facilities our services are delivered in smart, high-tech class rooms by the highly qualified and experienced native english-speaking instructors


Our mission at Oracle is to put the customer first.  We provide high-quality and professional training & consulting in a friendly and welcoming environment. We aim to get the best out of each individual student and give them the chance not only to improve their language skills as well as their professional abilities in the business.

  • Learn, Socialise, Engage & Succeed
  • Tailor-made solutions to match customer needs
  • Highly-qualified, motivated & friendly trainers
  • Modern, Clean, Premium Facilities
  • Student centred teaching-curriculum
  • Easy to access facilities with free parking
  • Native-Speaking & Multilingual Team
  • Student centred teaching-curriculum

With courses and consultancy delivered to over 5000 customers, our reputation for integrity and dedication towards our customers is legendary


With over 22,000 likes across our social media channels, we have built a community of loyal followers through a commitment to high quality content


Clients are our most fierce critics, and with hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials from students and partners, we are on the right path

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Naveen Jacob
Network Specialist

My experience with the Oracle IELTS preparation course had been very fulfilling. My trainers were well experienced and extremely supportive. Overall, the ambience was very cordial and conducive for learning. The classes provided great insights for my test preparation by making me familiar with the actual test pattern. It helped me build confidence.

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Umer Sallahuddin
Online Marketing Specialist

I want to thank Oracle Training & Consultancy for their professionalism and support during my study process on the IELTS course. I highly recommend all the team for their kindness and friendliness in giving feedback in each class that made it possible for me to obtain the results to carry out my postgraduate studies. Thank you very much to everyone at ORACLE

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Asma Mazhar

I took the MINDSET for IELTS course with Oracle Education. It was really helpful and I was able to increase my score from 6.5 to 7.5 in IELTS within just one month

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Sammar Hussain

IELTS Last Minute was terrific. Studied all tips and techniques of the exam one day before the actual test. Thank you!

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Ramola Lewis

The IELTS Fast Track course was fantastic. It helped me prepare for the IELTS Test and increased my score by 0.5 band score within 4 days! Thank you

Our core values
We take great pride in what we do and our reputation within the industry is a result of core principles and business ethos that values our customers and emphasises integrity and professionalism
We believe in putting the customer first and are here to serve. Our customer-centric approach filters through from the flexibility we offer through to the support we provide
Timing is everything. Whether it is ensuring we are available when you need or delivering to a deadline, we deliver on time, every time and our working hours are a reflection of this
Ensuring you achieve your targets is our number 1 goal. We are entirely focussed on ensuring you reach your goals and pride ourselves on getting the job done, no matter the cost
We believe in continuous growth and development, and learning from every interaction. We take a nurturing approach to training and consultancy ensuring we grow together
The right team for your project
we love what we do

Our leadership team bring years of management and training experience and oversee a growing team of over 20 dedicated staff from all over the world

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Charlene Ham-Farrell
General Manager

Charlene is from Manchester, England and is a graduate of ARU, Cambridge.

Charlene has managed organisation in the UK & Middle East and  brings years of experience in corporate and education management and in high-level content creation.

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Jonathan Mark Stegen
Academic Manager

Jonathan is from New Zealand and a graduate of Canterbury University & Toronto Universities

Jonathan has taught English and ESP courses in Tokyo, London, Moscow, KSA and Kuwait and most recently managed the English Department at a large Kuwait-based engineering college.

Shabaz Syed
Examinations Manager

Shabaz is a graduate of the University of Southern Queensland in Australia and is studying a triple-accredited Executive MBA Program with the University of Manchester.

Shabaz is an IELTS administrators and brings years of experience in exam administration, risk management and policy-making.

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